Letter to The Editor: ‘Delighted’ by Pearl Kim profile

I was delighted to read the wonderful article about Pearl Kim, who is running as a Republican in the US House race in the former 7th, and now 5th, US Congressional District.

[“Former Flourtown resident makes waves as a GOP house candidate in PA 5th.” Sept. 27]

I applaud the Chestnut Hill Local in publishing her compelling story as an Asian-American woman whose immigrant parents came to America from South Korea with virtually nothing and went on to become educated professionals and successful members of their community. Her parents obviously imparted their strong value system to Pearl and her brother.

The success of Pearl and her family is no doubt the result of self-motivation, self-determination and a desire to live the American dream. I wish that such a value system were more common in today’s world.

My only regret is that I do not live in the 5th District and am not able to cast my vote for her on November 6.

It is political candidates like Ms. Kim who have the potential to truly make America great. I will be rooting for her on November 6.


Sharon M. Reiss
Mt. Airy
October 3, 2018